(11.05.2013) Autumn in Melbourne: short walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens



We went for a short walk down St Kilda Rd from Punt Rd to the Royal Botanical Gardens. St Kilda Road is the city's tree-lined main artery and gateway to lush parks and well-known landmarks. It is also my favourite street in Melbourne, with its trams, trees and buildings.

autumn in melbourne

Buildings are different: from one-level houses to blocks of apartments:

This is not a home, it is an office:

We've got palm-trees as well:

Love this building:

It is Saturday, so it is quiet here.


We are close to City, so buildings are higher:

I didn't take a lot of photos from the Royal Botanical Gardens, as I was looking at the trees with yellow leaves, birds, ponds and other beauty of the gardens.

It is a good idea to spend a day having a picnic somewhere here..

Going further to Flinders Street Station through nearest park:


Yarra River (photo taken from Princes Bridge):


It was a loooong and lovely autumn day!

Travel well!

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