Kosciuszko National Park Trip - 2013

02/11/2013 to 05/11/2013

I decided to organise all links and files in this post for those who started reading about our Kosciuszko National Park Trip.

Here are some facts: in Nov 2013 we spent 3 days exploring Kosciuszko National Park. We climbed the highest peak on mainland Australia Mount Kosciuszko, went into Yarrangobilly Caves, walked a lot around Jindabyne Lake and went home via scenic, but very narrow Alpine Way.

Our trip from Melbourne to Jindabyne was via Lakes Entrance и Bombala (А1 и B23 routes). We were in a rush, as we wanted to be in Jindabyne before 5pm, to get entry passes to Kosciuszko National Park. You have to buy passes if you visit national parks in NSW (you do not have to do it if you visit any national park in Victoria). If we knew that the passes can be bought not only in the information centres, but also before entering into Kosciuszko National Park, we would spend more time exploring Bombala and Metung towns.

Anyway, we arrived in Jindabyne at 5-30pm. The road is wide and can be easily accessed by any of 2wd vehicles.


I wrote a lot about our walks in Jindabyne:

Walking around the town and the Jindabyne Lake

In addition to this I'd like to mention that you can also stay in East Jindabyne, which is the "old" Jindabyne town.

There are two hotels, cafes, Woolworths and fuel stations in the town. There is an information centre as well, but we haven't visited it, as we were travelling around the town most of the time.

Although we didn't get any maps or recommendations from the information centre, we used Kosciuszko National Park Guide, which can be easily downloaded from the official website. I also filled the form on the website and got this guide printed - they sent me it by snail mail!

I mentioned before that I used information from the Wild Walks website:

If you need some ideas what to do near Kozzi, please visit this link and you will definitely find something that suits you:

This is description of our track:
Before we went there, I generated PDF and printed it. We were reading comments and description while we were climbing and they were informative and useful.


Our post about how we climbed Mount Kosciuszko is here:

Mt Kosciuszko - Main Range Walk - Charlotte Pass to Mount Kosciuszko

I wrote a post about our visit of the Yarrangobilly Caves:

Kosciuszko National Park - Yarrangobilly Caves

Please note that you have to pay for your cave visit. This payment can be done in the Yarrangobilly Caves Information Centre.

Our way back to Melbourne was via Alpine Way:

From Jindabyne to Melbourne by Alpine Way. Scamell's Lookout, SnowyHydro

We also visited Bright on our way back. All that we wanted to do was to look at the town and be prepared for our next visit. The town is lovely and I am glad that we could walk there for an hour.

We were at home after 4h of driving from Bright to Melbourne via Hume HWY.

This was short, but VERY busy trip :)

Travel well!

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