(02.02.2013) The Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway



Our first stop was at The Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway, which was built to commemorate the 3,000 returned soldiers from WW1 who built the Road between 1918 - 1932. Before the road, travel between the coastal settlements was far from pleasant. As an example, in the 1870s, a trip from Lorne to Geelong was long and arduous via a rough coach track through dense bush to the railway at Winchelsea. Previously the ocean supplied the link to the outside world.

In addition to the Arch a bronze sculpture depicting some of the returned serviceman who built the road and Interpretive signage provide additional information at this site.

There is a nice beach for walking and relaxing near the arch, were we took some great photos with clouds, reflected from the water.

Travel well!

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